Donation Distribution


Donations brought to Pine Ridge by the charities Running Strong for American Indian Youth and Native American Heritage Association (NAHA) need to be distributed within the Reservation. Lakota Friends Circle assists community volunteers Jerome and Theresa High Horse with this task.

Information about NAHA distributions and the involvement of  Jerome and Theresa High Horse can be seen on the About Us page.

One of Lakota Friends Circle projects is to provide the gas needed for pick-up and local distribution of donations sent to the reservation by the national organization Running Strong for American Indian Youth.  Their website can be seen at:  The following letter was sent to Running Strong in appreciation of Jerome and Theresa High Horse for their fair distribution of in-kind donations.  The letter was forwarded to the charity’s donors by Running Strong’s Lakota spokesman and Olympic Gold Medal winner Billy Mills.  It is included with permission from Running Strong.

Running Strong thanks

Distribution of Running Strong food boxes to community members

Distribution of school supplies with a community cook out

Benefiting the Lakota People of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation